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I have left "You Are Here" and "A Few Quotes" as the first two pages in the site because I felt like doing it. All the rest of the pages are arranged in reverse chronological order within the year buttons below, (newest pages first). You might consider this to be a horizontal blog, since all pages are just one level down from the menu. The exception will be found in early 2009 when I first got started and tried using a "tree" structure. There's no database, no searching, no bells, no whistles.

You will find that a lot of the content is partly or fully taken from other sites. I did this because: 1. They said exactly what I wanted to say, if I could say it as well as they did. 2. I wanted to preserve something I read in a news site. 3. I wanted to enhance the item with my own version of what I wish it had said. Some of my work is original and serious. Much of my work is original and parody. Anything I quote or steal is attributed and properly identified, right down to the copyright warnings forbidding reprinting. Plagiarism is theft

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The "Gadsden Flag", designed by Colonel Christopher Gadsden, was the first flag of the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps during the Revolutionary War. The choice of a rattlesnake was influenced by earlier use of the rattlesnake symbol by Benjamin Franklin who felt that it was appropriate for many reasons:

It is unique to America.
It appears extremely vigilant.
It feeds on the vermin that steal from the hard-working farmer's harvest.
It never initiates an attack except when provoked.
It always warns before attacking.
It never surrenders after attacking.



I have been told that displaying this flag marks me as a violent right-wing militia extremist. Not Guilty. The Wikipedia article on the Gadsden Flag tells the story fairly accurately: of its first use by the American Military, before the Stars and Stripes flag was designed; and its present use by U S Military units subsequent to 9/11.



You will note that I sign some of my notes and comments as "EnemyoftheState". I finally adopted this 'nom-de-guerre' last year (2009) after various parts of our government, including the DHS, branded me a dangerous right-wing extremist because I am a military veteran, a gun-nut because I own firearms, a racist because I am white, an anti-Muslim because I am Christian, an anti-government dissident because I have sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC.

I was not happy when the leftist Obama administration took over the country, but I did not decide that I was their enemy; if they wish me to be their enemy I will be most pleased to comply.



Electrons used in the construction of this site were personally created by Barack H Obama to provide meaningful employment for a disgruntled, disabled Vietnam veteran.

The nation owes a great debt to His Munificence, which can never be repaid. His wisdom and experience have never before been equaled in the office of the President of the United States. All Hail The Won.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing fail to mock it
-- Edmund Burke (1729 1797)
and me (1945 -  )