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Straight Troops Must Shower With Gays, Says DOD Working Group--‘Gay Men Have Learned to Avoid Making Heterosexuals Feel Uncomfortable or Threatened in Situations Such as This’

By Terence P. Jeffrey

A special Defense Department working group appointed by Defense Secretary Robert Gates has recommended that the military should “expressly prohibit” heterosexuals from using separate showers, bathrooms and bunking facilities from homosexuals when the repeal of the law banning homosexuals from the military goes into effect.

The working group has also recommended that commanding officers be left with the authority to exempt individuals from using the same showers, bathrooms and living facilities as homosexuals, but only on a “case-by-case” basis.

The House voted earlier this week and the Senate voted this afternoon to repeal the military ban on homosexuals, which has often been referred to as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

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Our current generation of combat GIs has been been diagnosed as operating under more stress than their World War II ancestors. The rate of PTSD cases seems to exceed that of my Vietnam generation. The "Greatest Generation" was deployed for "the duration" whatever that was going to be. We went to Vietnam for a 12 or 13 month "tour", a mix of volunteers and draftees. Today's all-volunteer force, the best and smartest military we have ever had, is facing worse stress in the desert with the ROE restrictions, the climate, the hostile population and everything else, including a hostile government at home.

Now, they are going to share their every private moment 24/7 with open faggots. That is really going to go over well with stressed young men who have weapons and explosives at hand. HELLO. IS ANYONE AWAKE AND THINKING? EVER HEARD OF FRAGGING?